Friday, June 3, 2011

Plundering of the Soul

My Essence of consciousness don’t exist 
When you seize to hurt me
Whilst everyone is asleep
not everyone’s eyes have closed
But they are all aware and watching  
Seeing now that I won’t be saved
Frighten to shut my eyes
This nightmare won’t end till the sun will rise 
When you live everyday life like a fucking liar 
But it’s okay now you can make me bleed 
You can carry on hurting me 
it’s okay if I can’t speak 
Because I've past the stage 
of feeling human 

Can’t feel my legs, 
frozen with shock 
Unable to breathe, 
feels like I'm closer to death
Taped and raped on the floor
my weeping surely has been ignored
is this it my life as I live with no words to be spoken for 
but I want Mummy to know and,
if I speak to God will he lead her to come back home 
catch him now and kill him, make him disappear from me 
help me with my tears will witness the pain of my burden 
In mind I’m alone and you spite at my soul,
did everything for me to give up on hope
Living body but a soulless of the dead,
your ways can’t be unbend

My heart and mind was full of innocence
Showing me the ugly and I thought you was blood
But what have you done?
what sort of hate you struck upon
See it comes back at me harsh like an arrow
And when I shut my eyes, tormenting memories
Come back to haunt me, and follow me to sleep
Days are only getting gloomy trapped in my own skin
I’m looking at my reflection I’m different
I’m cautious I feel dirty and sick
So if I drain it out, maybe it will end
A stop to your disturbing ways
I hope you know I’ll never forget your cruelty  

Demon not everyone’s eyes were closed
there are witnesses who know this secret.
because God won’t forget, I won’t forget,
the Angels won’t forget, and the Devils won’t forget
so you might as well start on now and repent.
how else you going to cover this dirty deed.
trust me I won’t let this go until I see you burn in hell.
And I’ll indeed will enjoy your suffering as you've enjoyed mines.

Idil Mahamed 
Copyright © 2011

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