Sunday, June 12, 2011

Group Poem 20 (Celebrating TNP): O Sweet Gabay

It is what makes me and you
The words of astuteness our forefathers
Have always treasured
It’s our tongue the gabay
Which the young and the old crave it’s colloquy

Its words which are engraved in our souls
Words which are the backbone of the culture we adore
This defines me and you
It is the sweet gabay which the ears yearn for

Each word they utter followed by another
Like a beautifully braided jet black hair of a gashaanti
Who her beauty blinds the eye
And drives the sane, mad

Words which are profound in meanings like
Old nomad who’s feet sinks in the desert’s sand
With every raise and breath a new word is born
Sending chills of exhilaration to the hearing soul

Like the melodic beats of the durbaan
The gabay’s words lingers in the ears and echoes deep inside
Leaving a sense of belonging and triumph
It’s my identity it’s me
O sweet gabay
How I awe thee

TNP the revival begins with you
Bring back our old love for words and mystery
Instigate the poetic-ness within us
We’re not called the nation of poets for nothing
And happy 2nd anniversary to all the
Beautiful souls.

Hanan Jama
Copyright ©2011

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