Sunday, June 12, 2011

I exist to repent

Through the darkness of the night
The moment of weakness strikes
befriending the wolves of evil
And embraced by the sheer desire to disobey
My soul runs to the path of sinning
Like an hourglass, it seeks fulfillment in the emptiness
Of its other half
It struggles to keep sanity
The mind tick ticks in thinking
Wondering how it all happened
Where did it go wrong?
I was sure this was the last time
I did promise before
The angel witnessing my come back
And now my voice is sealed
My sins are great
So great it is rotten
Wondering how he, she and they
Could still call me a friend
Can they not smell my sins
See the worry on my face
My hand shakes
My soul breaks
My spirit withers away
And, my words lack worth
As time and again
I utter fake promises
To the One whom my soul
Is in His hands
Sinning suffocates me as
I contemplate how did I become so weak?
How long before His wrath befalls me
I spark and shine in the light
But only Allah knows
The darkness that resides in my heart
I am dwelling in these sins
Their memories tremble my being
People praise my strength
But little do they know my eyes long for some rest
My tears yearn for a remedy
I have searched all within for peace
Only to fail
It is times like these
I realize my hope in 
You outweighs all my fears
I turn to You in humility
For if you turn me away
Which door shall I knock?
Your Pardon is greater than my sins
I seek Your forgiveness for my soul found 
The courage to remember that
I exist to repent...

Sam Said and Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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