Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Palestinian's Life!

This is mister Khalid
and those are his kids and wife over there dying
now mister Khalid and his family live in palestine 
Where they wake up to explosions whenever the sun shines 
and the solidiers just think everything is damn fine
but mister Khalid and his family dont know this will be their last time 
If this was us mulims wouldnt it be a crime?
Wouldnt we be called terrorists and all our dime taken?
We should all stand up and 
Wake up to this terror
But I'm not done 
I made one little error 
I didnt mention how mister Khalid and his family got killed...
I didnt mention how the soldiers killed the parents first for the kids to see
They went on and pointed a gun at little ahmed
but all little ahmed wanted was peace 
Then they put him on his knees
while his sister was watching 
they fired the gun
And now little aisha had no one
But little aisha was only 5 years old
They tortured her and left her out on the cold
No blanket nor any pilllows
Just on her own with only her thoughts
Now little aisha has seen the sun
Doesn't know what they'll do
So she just cries for her mum
A solidier comes behind her shoulder
And says 'your mum is done'
Dont you remember I killed her and the other ones! 
Now little aisha has only 1 hour
The soldiers grab her with power
But little aisha once had a dream
Her dream was to go to school
Nothing extreme
All she wanted was to just scream
And that was little aisha's last dream! 

Iman Farah
Copyright © 2011

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