Friday, June 3, 2011

Group Poem 20 (Celebrating TNP): The Reason Why I Write

TNP (The Nation Of Poets) is the reason why I write,
Poems, Stories, and Play-write
man I hate to say this,
but they all suck in different ways
TNP is the reason I write
the worst is the administrator
she's always after me to catch up the rest
I rush to my facebook account,
log in
there I see the reason to give up
TNP is the reason I write
when I see the pieces of the rest
I get jealous, and start to put up a fight,
writing a crap piece in a hurry
TNP is the reason I write.
Man they even know how to push me,
push me to the limit when they give me
the like bottom, and I rejuvenate myself
To find out that I'm exhausted to death
TNP is the reason I write.
They scare me to nuts
yet I have huge respect for them
For we belong to same family,
we speak same dialect
breathe peace, utter the words of hope
It's called poetry/ spoken word
TNP is the reason I write.
You may think I'm clowning
but I'm in owe of this talented
brothers, and sisters of mine
I thought I was the youngest
in the family,
but they keep recruiting even younger fellas
TNP is the reason I write.
That left me nothing
but to clown like monkey
That's denied a banana,
TNP is the reason I write.
I sit down think for a minute
act like I'm mad at them, and
join them back when I see no one
to console me, their followers are aplenty
loved by all, and that makes me even more jealous
TNP is the reason I write.

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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