Friday, June 3, 2011

Group Poem 20 (Celebrating TNP): TNP- THE NATION OF POETS

the words shout to the world
'' we are alive ...we are alive ''
traveling through the hearts of young men and women
who are raised between the beauty of the pen
and the reality of the blood and the sword
who are the citizens of the world
hearts longing for that place
for a sweet taste
for a lovely dream
that looks like a face
so familiar yet annoyingly
you cant remember the name
like the promising lights in the foggy days

but no matter what , we keep the yes we are alive
as we are the postmen of emotion
marching through hearts filled with determination
gathering the seeds of
love , joy , laughs
sadness ,rage and tears
planting them in the nation of poets land
and they grow up when
they are blessed by your eyes
and when you sprinkle the comments
they thrive

this is the story of creative poets
who are diverse as their names
from A to Z
harbored by the nation of poets
coming in all colors
sarcastically , funny , bloody,defiantly
fiercely , angrily , peacefully , happily ,sadly
but they are all true colors
destined to blossom in TNP
and if you ask me what TNP means
surely i can say :
The candle of hope
Nurturing the fading ideas
Promising  a better future

and this is what i call LIFE !!!!!

P.S : many thanks to all  who post there writings and poetry here ..and for all those who take from their time to read and comment ..and to Halima Ahmed for creating this page and for her time and dedication and the others i might not know behind this page ... and of course for Idil A. Hussein , your poem+the ice cream was the joy of the day :)

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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