Thursday, June 30, 2011

Group Poem 22 (Somali Independence Day): We have Independence.

We have independence and you cannot say we don’t.You, yes you. I have independence. You might think that Somalia’s people have no independence because we are in a civil war. But we survived the deadliest wars.
We had wars with America, Italy. But are still standing today and yet you still try to decline me my independence. Obama, Blare, Bush they all tried to teach us the “American” way. But after black hawk down there was nothing they could teach us.   
Somalia, Somalia, Somalia! Independent, independent, independent. Why are you trying to decline what is rightfully ours. We have had it hard for the last couple of years and you people whom try keeping world peace have forgotten a little country in the shape of the number 7 near the coast of the Indian Ocean. Somalia was a country of beauty, it was a country of honour, it was a country people lived with happiness in. Now after all these wars you have driven my ancestors out of their country with fear of not living if they stayed. And now you try taking the only think I have left of my Somalia? You try taking away my independence.
Well let me say this loud and clear loud enough so it leaves your soul trembling, making to deaf hear and they unsighted sighted. 


Binoof Ali
Copyright © 2011

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