Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am Somalia 
I am Mogadishu 
I am Beled Xaawo 
I am Afmadow 
I am every god-damn city scarred by drought. 
Yesterday I buried flowers that longed to blossom and one that anguished with heart breaks! 
And on this fine day where the sun hides no tear I bury a civilisation of hopeful intellects. 
I see souls that carry faith and patience, overlook crammed camps as they pray for a better tomorrow. 
The earth weeps for it can't hug no more! Begging them please hopeful remain; your call will be answered. 
Mother, hold on, shut your eyes, it wasn't meant to be like this. The order of grief lost its balance. 
I'm sorry to hear 
and Maxamed in their thousands had to die this way. 
Our last breath lacked saliva, wet throat; our judgment call was over in mere seconds 
Oh come on, we heard your promises before. 
Didn't you pledge in exchange for my prayers 
I did recite that prayer, prayed that I grow inside you, so humanity prevail. 
I urge for the blessing of the sky to reside here. 
The news of it arrival is longed for, break this silence, with sigh I utter the word rain 
Patiently we stand in hope to win, so smile and rest; a heart shouldn't fear His test. 
By Sam Said 2011 

Sam Said
Copyright © 2011

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