Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wiping Tears of the Drought

On the floor crying tears for these children
Who look like they could have been my own
Anger blowing like a tornado as I blame myself
How I could have not said a word as I waited
Waiting for someone else
The fires and thunderstorms rage inside of me
I witness the genocide of thousands of my own
Twenty years of petty arguments that led us down to the destination of self-destruction

But then I remember that my anger will not solve a thing
My anger will only blind me in a cloud of unseeing
My anger cannot undo what it done
My anger can only cause destruction
Burning the bridges in a hot inferno
I sit down shaking in a river of my tears
Soaked and chilled all the way to the bones
Waiting for the storm of rage to pass through my heart

I stand up on my unsteady legs
I find my strength within me
I remember that I am not weak
I am not the ones who are suffering with no hope
I am only one person but I can help others

I can go to Dahabshill and send hope to the hopeless
I can tell my friends to do the same
I can talk to those who have influence
I can send letters and emails
I can ask them to help too
I can speak for the voiceless

I am not helpless
I am not weak
I am not afraid
I am not waiting

All over the world millions stand up in a river of our tears
We are not helpless
We are not weak
We are not afraid
We are not waiting

Yes, they are our brothers and sisters but we will wipe our tears and stand up
We will show the world we are not going to stay quiet in this tragedy
We will be strong for those who can’t be
We will share hope with the ones who need it
We will tell them that they are not alone because they have us
We will find a way to never let such a castrophe happen again
We will start a new chapter of the future of Somalia’s history

****We will share hope with the ones who need it- 

Sindiya Darman
Copyright © 2011

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