Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drought 2011

Walking day and night, to seek food and water,
Medical resources, a place to sleep, something better
The people are fleeing, and trying to cope
I also believe in their quest they’re after hope
Hope that someone will be there on the other side
Waiting to aid them and alleviate their plight
It distresses me I cannot reach my horn of Africa family
To support them through what must be, sheer misery
Know that we see your cries and hear your wounds
Whichever way round, our family ties keep us bound
There’s a way rain will come, and that is by the mercy of He
The one who in His great wisdom has let this drought be
I pray that the clouds surround you and yours
Filled with mercy and the water pours
Be patient, there is help on the way
We can’t sit here and watch anymore
If we do, we have to question our core
What is the state of our hearts if we do not respond?
To the call of a nation who’s struggle continues on
I remind you, those faced with this test
That after hardship comes ease, and then your mind will rest
Let’s all work together to offer relief to our people!

Nimo Yusuf
Copyright © 2011

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