Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Group Poem 23 (Heartbreak Poems): Full Moon Falling

If we could be 
if only you wanted me
so simple minded 
hard headed 
how could I think we could fit 
breaking up inside 
with all the mind games
my mind is about to split 

breaking inside as my heart wonders off
through your false promises 
and the lies I once adored 
wasting my love for nothing 
my soul burned up to ashes 
say you love me the words 
I've been chasing 
A memory I thought would once happen 
but you've been dragging me for to long 
so I know now
I'm no longer yours now

cant believe I could even imagine 
us being together
no one knows your a heart breaker
cutting the veins of all hearts 
so sad that I thought 
you was that one prince 
the man who manged
to own my tears 

thank you for that satisfying 
sheer deception 
nothing between me and you 
was ever real 
so if I'm sinking 
like the full moon falling 
so take it as a farewell from here
My Dear 
Its Over

 Idil Mahamed 
Copyright © 2011 

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