Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Group Poem 23 (Heartbreak Poems):Moon Shine Sonata

Mist in the morning, hazy beauty is in the eye...
Figures take her shape, drowning into lies
Hands clinging to the dark abyss of hope
The chain of fear constricted the hurting throat

Love went on a journey like a traveller
Trust was the companion, always loyal to her
Emptiness fills the empty soul
Sadness ties the heart, constructed of a hole

Rays of light playing on her face
A pearl of tear is shed with grace
The thoughts blaze like fire to her mind
Peace on earth, is so hard to find

Leaned on a shoulder, at last faded away
Time stands still, tomorrow was today
Time, each second ticks with pain
The hand points at memory lane

Listening for the very last time
Her playing the piano, at the prime
Of the violin playing for you and me
The picture that I am unable to see

The hour strikes twelve sitting in the park
It’s not the hour which left me in the dark
It’s her voice, surrounded by the sound
Of the moon shine sonata, falling to the ground...



Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

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