Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girl in the mirror

It was through reflection that I first faced defeat
A standing statue with her soul at her feet
Pitifully crumbled, wishing she came crashing
Alone in her cold zone trapped in unfamiliar bearings

Watching, waiting for me to motion some act of defiance
Just to shatter the shackles of deafening silence
Into million pitches of woeful whimpers, she pleaded through
the eyes that mimicked her

What a warrior chants the choir of still air!
Such a victor signed beyond the thousand mile stare!
His damned entity entwined with the spirit of mother earth
Now manipulates into her through earths dust, her flesh

Slaying their way past chocked tears, retained behind dam lids;
seeping beyond the skin to mourn through swollen eyes
That mimicked her

You see she’s lost this love and would take her loss gracefully
Except he wont execute her heart and let her rest peacefully
Instead he etches his scores upon her flesh deeply
Enticing every atom and particle upon, beyond this dimension to rejoice gleefully
To witness the fall of one who thought she was gifted with life long love immunity
Like the spirit of dust! Mocking dust! Dancing shamelessly
To her tepid blood drops beating the drums of the earth aimlessly
Drip… Step! Drip… Step! Drop… STOP!

It was through reflection that I first faced defeat
Her statue now burying her soul some feet deep
Relishes in the relieve of loss’s serenity
Finally gifting her with pain immunity
Ending his chapter with the closed eyes that mimicked her!

Copyright © 2011

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