Tuesday, August 2, 2011


And so, if this curtain is closed
In the middle of the cold room,
What help have I got,
You Allah,
Oh you Allah,

Even with this mountain of sins,
These one or two flying debris of filth
Who shall protect me?
You Allah
Oh you Allah,

I am truly sorry,
I am human, I know forgive me
With this tear drop,
On this tarmaced floor
I beg and plead forgive me,

You are my true friend,
Don’t be angry
Oh Allah, forgive me,

When I forget remind me,
Oh Allah,
I dream of a time I can meet you
Between two valleys
I hope for your invitation,
Oh Allah
Allow me

You are my Sustainer, my Rabb,
The first and last, Oh Allah forgive me

Hawo sayyid
Copyright © 2011

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