Thursday, August 4, 2011

Listen , see and give

Open your eyes , open your heart to those in plight ,who plea for your help ,
who cannot migrate to a safer place ,
who are back home where the distribution of aid is sometimes impossible .
This is a test , a test to a nation struck by war , toppled by division , bombarded with a vivid vision of the future.
Listen and heed , open your ears and hear their cries ,
open your palms and supplicate to Allah to help them ,
open your palms and give to them what you would’ve needed if you were in the same situation.
Scurvy, Rickets and Kwashiorkor, have you heard of these before?
Childhood deficiencies that many who know wish to ignore.
Third world country is that all it is to you?
a child with a pot belly , weak muscles ,a ribcage piercing the skin , with frail features , already fragile .
The lack of nutrition has left the child not able to move , not able to speak ,not able to cry , although you can see it in their eyes ,they are deprived from their basic necessities,
the situation is dire no water, no food and no shelter .
This is nothing but a trail from Allah and Allah loves those whom he tests the most.
So be patient and God fearing.

Rukia Zakaria Mohamoud Haji
Copyright © 2011

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