Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Better Tomorrow

Somalia, I Pray for a Better Tomorrow.
You've had a Awful Yesterday, A Horrible Today but, I Pray 4 for a Better Tomorrow. 
All you've known is Sorrow & Pain. 
All you've seen is Bodies in Mass Graves. 
All you've learned is to worry about Today, because Tomorrow might be your Last Day. 

But know that ALLAH tests those who he loves the most. 
Know that because of that there is still Hope. 
And with Hope comes Faith in a Better Tomorrow. 
With Faith comes Patience, And with Patience Peace will Prevail. So for your sake & Mine, Somalia I Pray for a Better Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is symbolic of the Future. 
The Past cannot be changed, but can be learned from. 
The Present we're Living In. 
The Future is All we Have as we Pray for a Better Tomorrow. 

If we can rise from the Ashes of Civil War & Famine like a Phoenix, then that can be our Greatest Thriumph to Date. 
For Every Nation Has had a Dark Chapter in it's History, & this will sadly be ours. 

But It will be just that, a Chapter and once the dust has settled we will write many more Chapters. Chapters that will Tell of a Nation of Poets, A Nation of Doctors, Lawyers & Engineers. A Nation of One People, One Language & One Deen. 

A Nation that succeeded when all others wanted it to Fail. 

A Nation for the NEXT Generation

To have this Vision become a Reality is why I Pray for a Better Tomorrow.

M.d. Ahmed Somajeeste 
Copyright © 2011

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