Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Question

What does it mean to be a Muslim? 
Is it how the media portraits them or something much different? 
Cos people are afraid of things they don't understand, 
but how can something practiced by so many be described as taking the wrong path? 
They say they know all they need to know,
taking words out of context and turning them in to their own.
Turning something so beautiful in to something no body wants to know. 
Is it fair to judge when they themselves don't like to BE judged? 
Sentencing a whole nation, 
for what a few have done. 
See, the word terrorist has found a new meaning, 
the word Muslim is always attached at the beginning.
And in the dictionary nothing is said about any nation,
but in fact it can be anyone from God's creation; whether it be a Muslim, Christian or a Jew. 
But the fact still remains the same,
of how they just love to see how many of them they can blame,
under the name of protection,
but out of fear of the certain attention this religion is getting.
So they do the only thing they could do,
mocking these people and the religion they belong to.
It's obvious that the truth shall always make them odd.
But what of the day where EVERYONE shall be brought, in front their Lord.
And knowing before that, a victory awaits,
cos that's what God promised them if they hold on to their faith.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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