Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black & Muslim

Life is a gift. It is like a go kart drift. Life turns around and becomes so swift.  

But life aint that easy. Well for me it aint nearly as easy as all of you. You all got jobs. But yet you still sob. So what do I do? Weep, creep, cry, be shy. No I fly.  
I got it hard both ways I’m black I’m Muslim. When I get on the bus all these people start to dose. Like I was sent by that boss. Try and blame me for 9/11. And now for 7/7 Ill just hit back with seven. Insh-Allah end up in heaven. Never give up like I was taught by Kevin. Inspired by Martin trained by Malcolm and dignified by the one up there. I am the tortoise, slow and steady I'll win my race. End up as a leader of my race, a spokes man of my trace. An inspector for our case.
Look at my face.
You think I aint a rightful sight well take another look just in case. Inspect, don’t you grin before I bring out the night; take you out of sight up much further than your imaginable height. Right now tell me what you see wrong, ohh the typical I’m black I’m Muslim, I should be in a sake, I’m fake. So what does that make you? A fool, that’s just blind. But I always answer, so what if I’m black and Muslim I’m just proud Allah took his time to design and make me. Make me who I am and give me my own keys, that open doors to my own life. And make my feel as cool and light as breeze.
Well I’m a young and I’m a youth.

You think I’m ashamed of me? You underestimate me? Ill end your thoughts with a checkmate. So thank you very much and have a good night. 

Binoof Ali
Copyright © 2011

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