Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life

Now is the moment I really hate the word "tribe"to me it don't mean a thing, but
I come from a nation
where that one word destroyed them to pieces and
now I'm stuck in between
of whether to follow my heart or
do as they please
You see, I've always been told not to go for a brother
who belongs to another clan
Been drilled into my mind that I would not be happy if I did
Regardless of his faith and akhlaaq
the choice was already made for me
I try and speak my mind but
I'm blackmailed, told that I'd be disowned for ever
treated like some sort of an outcast
if I was to choose to do what I wanted to
Now I been scared since then
see, I know no other life but this
But I ask my self
why are Allah's words ignored?
Cos I know He warned us about things like this
of how we shouldn't look down at one another
A person who is a good muslim should be enough ...
but pride gets in the way.
They tell me "we just want you to be happy."
I just nod, obeying them is what comes first
not wanting to be cursed and frowned upon
Even though I keep telling myself that this is my life
decisions i should be able to make
So this time I've made the mistake
of allowing myself to not listen to my head
He got to me real bad you see
I look at him from afar and I know he's perfect
But I know what Allah wants is what happens for sure
so I put my trust in Him and forget the rest.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright 2011

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