Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ghetto Child

What do you know about a ghetto child,

a tableau vivant of a life run wild
so many things to say
so many people crossing my way
frame of mind, so many stories to tell
unspoken, foretold, guess you know it well
where does this route lead
I see them young fellas bleed
engaged to the life of the culprit
just to make the dark scenario fit
the expectations of a thug
dying for a living to make a fast buck.

“What do you know about me
the lifestyle I’m living is not used to be
the one you suggest to be in a great rush
touched by the life with the sense of touch
hold me back before I’m dedicated
to the rebels they used to hate and
unappreciated, you begin to appreciate
the mind that slows down and reaches you late
flashbacks back up the present action
fully grown to the short lived affection
when you are betrayed by your own kind
what do you know about a change of mind.”

The world you have found is not appealing
can you imagine such intriguing feeling
pushed to the side you try to see
dark alleyways were not made for thee
set it free, picture how the picture goes dead
ghetto child haunted by homicide instead
gloomy nights, going to make fight of it
four bullets, riddled with hope while he got hit
desperation and disbelief hit the floor first
they say a departing soul does not bawl a curse
a tableau vivant of a life run wild 

What do you know about a ghetto child?

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

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