Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prince Charming

I know love is not like those fairy tales I've seen 
or rather love is not all pink and red.
Hoping that maybe my love will turn out just like the novels I've read.
It takes more than smiles and great moments 
There's much more to it than that. 
Only, we realize that after the love we thought we had has run its course. 
Cos I know that my prince charming will have his flaws, 
just like me. 
Being humans we easily make mistakes you see. 
Nobody is perfect, but don't blame me, 
for looking for that someone who is closest to what they describe is how a perfect man should be. 
So in reality,
a "true perfection lies not in what a man has but in what a man is". 
All I'm looking for is a man who is firm in his mission (Religious) 
A man of his own words. 
One who helps me to make up for my failings and weaknesses. 
Recognizes my preference, desires and moods. 
One who is sensitive and respectful towards my feelings and others, 
while never forgetting that straightening a bent rib is impossible and might lose. 
So you see there is no prince charming seen in the movies. 
He isn't going to be perfect in every way.
But he'll be close to it in my eyes, 
for I know who ever was meant for me I'll find.
My very own Happily Ever After.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright 2011

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