Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What are you waiting for?

Some dreams are gentle some are raw, uncanny some dreams maybe, you wish not for a second episode. I found myself on a deserted road, it lead me to a green and plush valley. Words can’t describe the beautiful scenery laid out by the heavens before me.

I took shade by a silver flowing river, the breeze caressed me beneath an old and ancient tree. I sat in silence and let nature flow through me, as the wild life roamed freely. I made plans to stay and leave just before the dark; strangely all of a sudden I felt hostility. For some reason even in the shade I felt a burst of heat. Something shifted to the side of me; in a single bound I was on my feet.

What are you waiting for, each spoken word felt like a blow. Heavy and rapid in impact, before I could ask the question, what my eyes saw my brain could not find the capacity to reason. I was looking into my own face, what are you waiting for, once more my replica asked. Before I knew it the surreal valley had turned into a graveyard as if an eternity had passed.

The skies had darkened and the animals had fallen silent. I asked what is it you want, and my replica replied in kind. I have always been temperamental when I feel confined, so I took a step towards this look alike. He said don’t waste your time as you cant harm me, for that would be like harming oneself. I made a prayer to my lord wordlessly and to my astonishment the being said how you forgot that same prayer when times were well.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011 

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