Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Somalia captured my heart just like a seasoned archer but the reason of my departure was justified when your self-destruction intensified. 

Memories of guarding our livestock from hyenas feels so ironic when I left you, reminiscing is so hard and causes  heavy tears and deep scares nevertheless your my rock and source of happiness so I give autonomy to my smiles and cries.

Operation restore hope was a disasters resuscitation attempt as a result anarchy was introduced into a system of chaos, pillaging of life and the stench of death hanging in the air

Resilience, faith and signs of life at the heart of death's domain kept the light of your star on even though it's dim, it was bright enough

Revival it's self was a struggle for survival in a self induced destructive coma with a fluctuating promise of stability 

Nobility and brotherhood was the thread of our society, we had a perfect formula moments in my life that I treasured.

The absence of unity left us with a reactive atmosphere of clive war. Our reflection showed us the imperfection of a cohesive society built on the weak foundations. Still reserve hope for my motherland that one day our people will see how great we can be as nation.

H Khalif
Copyright © 2011

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