Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If you can dream, dream all you like.
If you can think, outside the box too.
If you can speak the truth you might feel today.
Cos the truth is all that matters,
so wisdom can expand.
Only with a selfless heart can true wisdom be found.
An open mind, no mind alike.
When its theories don't add up, it seems to understand.
Common sense ...
They might have formed their own opinion,
and judged you in their own way.
But being a silent observer,
as eyes believe for themselves,
and ears tend to sway.
If your hated, don't give it a second thought,
for God doesn't hate you.
What they think doesn't really matter, as long as you know that too
Smile in their faces when its all about you.
For men are good at doubting and leaving you feeling confused
Just making sure you aren't trapped by the fools.
For our lives are like a candle in the wind,
no time to lose.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright 2011

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