Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tears of my Land

A tree without roots never grows
A man deprived of his history never knows
I am come from a land of extreme beauties
But its people forgot all its bounties
The meadows rolling unto mini lakes
Trees ladden with precious berries of all makes 
Mountains waiting for you to gaze at in amazement 
Animals of graze and dances full of entertainment   
But yet I hear its cries everyday and with it a part of me dies
Saying o my children why do you neglect me
In far away lands made your homes to defeat me
Without you I remain weak and tainted 
Without you, my youth schools will not be maintained
My hospitals heaving with bodies I cannot cure
Roads I cannot mend for sure
O my child when will you return to fix the pieces of my broken heart 
Wherever you maybe your home is always with me
So why do you choose to build homes far away
Where your children will never freely play 
They deserve more than concrete walls for playgrounds
I have for them the beauty of many open spaces and its magnificent sounds
Dear child you must come back home for truly its all you own
Come and lift it from slumber 
Awaken it to the world and make it remember
That I was once a bright star and shall once again shine
But you must help me child of mine  
I await your joyous return 
So please make it your greatest concern.       

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2011

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