Thursday, September 1, 2011

Third World

Third world, undesired like a third baby girl born in the third world.
Third world, the west looks upon you and sees only minerals, diamonds and cheap labor.
Third world, selecting leaders of your color, creed and culture so that you may never question their behavior.
Third world, and if there were to rise a savior amongst you, like the rose that grew out of concrete.
Third world, Patrice Lumumba, Che Guevara and Mohammed Mossadeq were never meant to compete.
Third world, they ignore your opinions and call you’re efforts obsolete.
Third world, they don’t want you to grow both in confidence and intellectually.
Third world, they promise you the end of poverty and the presence of prosperity, eventually.

Third world, forcing you in to the free market so that foreign corporations may exploit you’re natural resources.
Third world, raising the price of food, privatizing education, healthcare and banks, and the law reinforces.
Third world, the IMF and the World Bank function as a global loan shark.
Third world, indebted to the Paris Club, waiting for a single spark.
Third world, instead of aiding the masses they provide governments with AK’s and rockets
Third world, the priority and the plan is profit before people stuffed in private pockets.

Third world, the crimes he committed in the Congo in the name of commerce, civilization and Christianity.
Third world, surely you will never forget King Leopold and the absence of humanity.
Third world, they created animosity between brothers in Rwanda in so many ways.
Third world, what was the outcome? 800.000 massacred in less than 100 days.
Third world, bombing you on a daily basis in Palestine
Third world, Israel declares peace is in the process and that everything is fine

Third world, in Afghanistan they burn your crops, forcing you to produce opium
Third world, the missiles they used against you in Iraq contained depleted uranium.
Third world, setting up sweatshops in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Third world, the horrors you’ve suppressed is enough to make you suffer from amnesia.
Third world, paid 4 cents while working 22 hours.
Third world, the machine spares nothing, everything it quickly devours.

Somalia, trouble brewing in the Horn.
Somalia, babies sentenced to a life of impoverishment without even being born.
Somalia, the drought is not the only cause of famine.
Somalia, they rob you of your fish and pollute your waters
Somalia, sons growing up without their fathers
Somalia, peace and unity they do not desire
Somalia, behind closed doors they plot and conspire
Somalia, just another victim of the west
Somalia, it’s been 20 years since you suffered from cardiac arrest

Ismail Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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