Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am Sorry Somalia

Today, I buried her.

Decided: no point in clutching on, hoping that she might be well again.
Foolishly, I blamed the absence of the rain.
But for years she has been handicapped. …by her own children.
Frankly, flaunting a facade of “faithful” Muslims.
So, either I let her memory stay engraved in my brain
Or pull the plug, which is more humane?

I am sorry Somalia,
I am determined to end years of Insomnia
As I began to do what I promised
She asks, What now?
Are you really going to do this so you can sleep safe and sound?
I have been sentenced to death  long ago,
Take note that from me emerged Poets, philosophers, and doctors
I was the cradle of civilization It’s like generation after generation
There genetic makeup became plagued by stupidity...
Please tell them that blasting shots for peace Is like being promiscuous for the sake of virginity
Please tell them, those who carry AK’s aren't the real men
Don't let politicians make love to your ear
Or news coverage be all you hear She told me that she understand,
I am not the first or last person to give up all hope of an inhabitable land
And- Every time I try and write you a poem
My paper shrivels
My ink dries
My thoughts evaporate
And my emotions fly

They say that 2 children died every minute..
I guess now it’s normal, huh?
Because while your children back home are dying from thirst ...
We are dying of boredom
While a mother walks miles to find water for her family in pain ..
.In Portland we curse the rain,
How do you expect me to keep your memory alive?
When all I know about you is death
How can I lust for the warm embrace of your beautiful beaches?
When the sand is covered by blood

I am sorry Somalia
The love I had for you I just outgrew
Because, the sweat aroma of your streets I was addicted to
Is now replaced by the scent of died bodies and gun powder
I am sorry Somalia,
I had to. Today,
I buried you.

Naima Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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