Thursday, September 1, 2011

What happened to you, my beloved?

I remember people came to see you to bath in the warmth of your beautiful sunny weather
You were once the beauty and pride of the Horn of Africa
The land of beautiful people with poetic tongue 
The land of poets 
The land of philosophers who spoke wisdom more than the blink of the eye
The land where  humanity resided in the hearts of every one 
And, compassion was the life line of the people 
We were in the land where faith grew in the hearts
And we prayed for one another in a common language we all understood
But greed and hatred turned your children against one another
Kill and loot one another
In the name of a silly thing that robbed them of their senses
They placed you in the wrong hand
Since then, beloved you have been abused by your own
And, foreign vultures took advantage of the lack of unity within your people
To use you as a garbage land....
I lament because I know your great potentials
I know you are much much more than what I see on my T.V set
But baby just know every dog has its own day
And, our day is coming
It will come with the honor you deserve
And the beauty you own
Until then, you stay strong

                           You beat in my heart without even the mentioning of your name.  

Fatima Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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