Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mamma Africa

Mamma Africa each time the sun hits on my toes, that is when my spirit swings around the scent of your sweet mangoes 
Mamma Africa when my forage turned gray headed and tribes pledged to behead, the articulation of my feelings felt like a tambourine shake in underground ears 
Every part of me felt undressed as my heritage became a monumental piece ones guarded 

Mamma Africa I remember how the wind swayed with my hair revealing my bead bones underneath 
I envisioned today the turquoise stones layered beside the sea and far beyond 
I saw the paintings of the tropical rain forest draining down in to the dust and then into the river 
I visualized the tears of the young ones were raindrops that felt upon them and would soon be dreaded

Where is the time when we stood up and proudly presented the line of our descent 
Why do we find ourselves in a crumbling oasis and our voice undetected 

Mamma Africa where are the lions that roared though our ears and drew the line of our pride territory 
Where are the pantheras,the survivors of our kingdom? 

Ohh Africa where we the ones that evolved the world? 
Was it not our senses that formed waves? 
Our thoughts that captured the future 

Mamma Africa you have been thrown 
Your territory missgrown 

Mamma Africa there you stand 
Penned down in bottomland 

Mamma Africa the Nile river still upholds it strength 
The thirsty lips of the Sahara Dessert still upholds it prisoners 
Mamma Africa Mount Kilimanjaro stands proudly on it highest peak and declares our diversity 
The Pharaohs still uphold it title, the historians of our nations
Mamma Africa, the horn of Africa stands proudly on its heels and will someday stand on the frontline for the world to see us shine
Sareda Hussein
Copyright © 2011

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