Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Privileged

sisters, brothers, childless mothers, from the motherland starvin

we from the north the land of pork and bumpin drakes room marvin

toronto niggas feelin marved and...

those not so near they sleep with fear, cuz they don't know what food tomorrow brings 

clothes on their bodies skinny bodies, slavin sweat shops

now here's a boy got every toy, rockin a fitted and a G-shock

she shops while he stops pissin

dying of thirst mouths dry..throats killin 

swallowin hurts.. fruit flies jus chillin

the final hours of his life he feels like speakin to the villan  

why am i lying in this dirt while you consume, my race your killin 

got millions eyeing for your scraps, continent feeds 11 billion 

subtract 4 billion from the math, the population earth has livin you KNOW that don't make sense

makin more food than we can spend 

and while i'm throwin half my meal the poor stay droolin in suspense

food network makin art with meals, hey look thats cool..this carrot bends

now watch me roll this veggie car, watch how bored fools stay ignorant 

who the fuck gave those fuckers a deal

could feed a village full of people with a zucchini steering wheel

and i  probably sound crazy talking about this show, but if you seen, wouldn't believe it

 if you seen it, you would know

lets change our shoes, in search of food, your son won't move, you gotta go

lets clear our minds and take the time, realize they'd use the food we throw

and i'm speakin to myself, i got to thinkin, gotta help

it clicked i'm blinded to the problem, people we're lying to ourselves

and see i know its much more easy, to put your conscience on a shelf

but shit aint right we're living wrong, if we could feel what they have felt 

3rd world..ONE world 

her son...your girl 

don't take advantage of a blessing, the dumb believe these cards were dealt

they eat with greed, loosen there belts

it's up to us to make the change, or in the pot we all shall melt

Ismahan Ahmed 

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