Sunday, November 27, 2011

Preach Sister Preach...

Do not let them that sit and pass judgement
Silence you.

Let not them that tease our tongue’s and mock our accents
Dictate our speech.

Never…never remain silent 
To the injustices of the world.

Speak for those that have no voice
Translate for those that scream in foreign languages
And those who’s R’s roll too thick of their tongues-
Speak for hooyo
For us
For me.

Preach Sister Preach.

Do not let them forget the victims of tribal warfare
Or the millions wiped out in genocides 
Holocausts and wars.

Make them cry for the 10 yr old found dead by his mother
Toy car in hand
With 15 bullet wounds to his chest.

Tell them ..
About the brother held on terrorism charges
Stripped of his clothes, battered, raped and gagged…
And his family who’s cries echo across these grey skies.

Pray ..
In Arabic
For the mother who bled to death during childbirth
And the orphan she left behind.

Remember ..
The 13 yr old that was gang raped-
By foreign forces in native lands
Who claimed to uphold peace.

Make their spirits bleed
At the mention of 9 year old prostitutes 
And 5 year olds playing tag in mine splattered fields.
Make them feel the pain my mother does
When the bullet in her spine digs deeper
Each time they make her go to work

Tell them
Tell them 
That we are not terrorists
Who weave webs of destruction
But dreamers
Who live in the sanctity of an afterlife.

That we are believers
Who pray in Arabic
Who love in Somali
And lovers 
Who touch in English. 

Carry these stories on your skin
These pains in your pours
Speak these voices with your tongue
Let it seep into the ears and hearts of the unknowing
Let your voice be that which brings hope to the forgotten
And knowledge to the ignorant.

Do not let them forget.
Please...Do not let them forget!!

Preach Sister Preach.

Farah Gabdon
Copyright © 2008

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