Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I'm told "God brings men into deep waters not to drown them but to cleanse them" 
But my heart forever complains Knowing that He works in His mysterious ways 
but I still dare ask why 
Looking around I know some have it worse than I do 
Wait ... just push that thought out of my head for a sec 
cos my problems seem to weigh me down more than theirs do 
I raise my hands up asking "God what can I do? 
Temporarily blind to see that He's given me al the answers to help me make do 
And still, 
my problems don't seem to vanish 
Seems like the only time I get to escape them is in my sleep
But even then it's restless 
I know I'll see them in the morning 
not even thinking "How do I know I'll wake up tomorrow?" 
Death is so from my mind right now, 
with my worldy problems blocking my every view 
Then I think, "God must be punishing me!" 
I replay my dumb days in my head and I can't help but cry 
Not thinking, "Hey can't you see your still alive 
He wants you to repent and move on with your life 
He wants you to cry to Him." 
But being an insaan, I'm too stubborn too see 
I mean, it's easy for me to give those that ask for advise some advise
"God sees and hears all, He will help you." 
So why can't I tell myself the same? 
Seems like the devil has me exactly where he wants 
sad, confused and lonely ... 
Cos in reality, God IS the only One that can help 
All I need is to devout my life to him 
bringing peace to my sou 
And whatever problem arises I just take it along 
Because He who created all, 
has always got my back.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright 2011

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