Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It is you who enlightened me,when I surrendered to the darkness 
It is your giving hand that suspended my sadness 
It is you who have embellished my life ,when it was nearly fading to dust 
It is you who have painted the upland i fasten on,when my strength couldn't uphold 
It is you who have elevated the river flood and dazzled the paddy field with the touch of the wind 
 Because of you harmony layed ahead and my pain healed by you purified touch 
Because of you the desert rose outgrown its pot and reached lengths beyond its roots. 
It is your scent I followed when i was lost in the forest 
It is your wings that kept me warm,when I reached your nest 
It is your feathers that I felt upon, when the coldness blinded me 
It is you who layed the rainbow on my path,when the midst drew me in to the waterfall 
It is you who sheltered me ,when I was soak en by the winter rainfall 
It is your thunder that kept away my fear 
And it is your heart that took away my tears 

Sareda Hussein
Copyright © 2011

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