Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let Me

Let me lay you down
and caress your body’s curves
with my hands
like easterly winds in spring do
over Kilimanjaro

Let my lips run their course
on the soft skin of your upper body
kissing all angles
leaving no crevasses or beauty marks neglected

Let me hold you tight
with unconditional care
and our bodies warmth nurturing each others spirit
like a mother holding its first born child
in a land filled with infertility

Let my eyes survey your figure
investigating its perspicuous form
for any distinct features I haven’t already discovered
like a hawk over the African plains searching for prey

Let me rub you with organic oils
sending your heat and cold receptors
wilder than animals in the Amazon
bringing out the shine and rich color of your skin
to represent you as it should

Let my senses feed on your perfection
let them indulge in the essence of satisfaction.
let me be alone in the pleasure of appreciating you as art
let me Love everything there is to love about you
alone and uncontested

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2012

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