Wednesday, February 1, 2012


They say I am oppressed
Because of the way I dress
Because my shirts cover my breast and you can’t tell the size of my hips or chest?
See you live in a world where less skin is best, and designer labels means your blessed
But what about everything else, what about the rest, what about your respect
Oppressed from what?  My dad, brother, uncle, husband, cousin
You think he is forcing me, but no he doesn’t
 And you say you will help me get freedom, but your freedom is my oppression,
 I’m sorry for the misconception
But your perception of my reality
Is not really my actuality
Because in my eyes I am FREE
I’m free from the Holloywods and TMZ
So-called Labels of Beauty
For beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And this beholder is no less bolder
Than any women in a low-top shirt, that has every pervert looking up her skirt
So tell me which freedom do you prefer?

Nasra Osman
Copyright © 2011

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