Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There is so much of her in me 
This woman. 

Stood proud. 

Head dress forming an earthly hallo 
About her voluptuous frame. 

Her name is Nuura. 

And she is light. 
Forever radiant. 

I have bathed in her
sparkle Basked in the twinkle of her love
 And learnt the pains of a woman’s womb- 
Broken whispers of almost babies 
That made her lament And retreat into herself
 Like a broken angel 
Or an angelic human 
Whispering in virtuous calm- 
Bismillahi rahmani raheem. 

They said that bleeding 
Would make me a woman 
And loving a man 
Would make me bleed 
A different kind of love. 

She taught me that blood
 Could also break a woman
 And that tears 
Made even angles human. 
That humans- 
Sometimes came in the form of demons-
 And demons- sometimes looked like friends. 

That forgiveness
 Make’s the broken -whole
 And the secret to happiness
 Lay in gentle remembrances of Laa illaha illallaah. 
The velvety chuckles Of man and wife. 
And in the soft caresses between mother child. 

Between her 
and I. 

There is no woman
 Like her. 

Her name is Nuura. 

And she is light.
 Forever radiant. 

Farah Gabdon
Copyright © 2009

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