Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tribute to Arfa Karim Randhawa - Elegy

It is a mournful day for the black and white,
As the inevitable death snatched miss Arfa Karim like a kite,
Without forewarning us arrange for her mourning rite.

She was not snatched but taken away by the Almighty God,
The powerful Creator and the Benevolent lord,
I ask Him to forgive me for employing "snatch" that is odd.

We burry her body for today,
But carry her legacy every day,
And keep her name without nay.

Let us all mourn and cry,
At once weep and sigh,
To the gifted soul say goodbye.

Let us attend her funeral without my,
Attire not formal clothing and tie,
But for prayer take our hands high.

Avoiding faults, abstain from saying fie,
Dropping sorrowful tears from eye to eye!
As we are all like the feeling of one guy!

Shush! I am sending condolence,
To her parents and siblings in confidence,
I am sharing the pain with them in patience.

May Allah rehouse her in paradise!
As He made her active and wife,
And awarded her ingeniousness as prize.

Not only Pakistan lost Arfa Karim Randhawa,
But she is mourned for in the heart of Somalia,
All over around the world, here and there.

Her manner outgoing and genial,
Her conduct well-behaved and desirable,
And in thinking, genius and intellectual.

Her smiling attractive and admirable,
Her colour arresting and invariable,
In technology, inventive and reliable.

Her shape slim and beautiful,
Her height medium and wonderful,
Her vision innovative and powerful.

At school, she was so bright and brilliant,
At home, she was acceptable and obedient,
And to her nation, she was lovable and compliant.

To the world, she was creative and significant,
To her peers, she was a role model and a knight,
And to the Muslims, she was productive and important.

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2012

Mohamed Abdikadir (Stanza) who is a Somali Poet and author based in Khartoum where he is pursuing Postgraduate studies in Peace and Development Studies mourns for the sudden death of the award-winning Pakistani genius and the World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, Arfa Karim Randhawa, who passed away on 14th January, 2012.

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