Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today I Am A Refuge No More: I Am A Somali

Today I am a refugee no more; I am a Somali
I am awake my brethren – and I am not alone
The 20 year slumber has come to an end
And the dawn of a new era is just beginning
I feel the spirit within me awaken 
I sense the warmth of my blood rushing to my heart
As the dormant power within me unleashes
Today I am a refugee no more 

I envision the sight and sounds of Somalia
I hear the beauty in the voices of children reciting the quran
The echoes of laughter in the crowds whisper sweet sonnets in my ear
the hustle and bustle of the suuq
create beautiful melodies
I see the colourful clothes hung on a rope soaking up the sunshine
I see hope, peace and love

Awaken enlightened my brethren 
Somalinimo is alive
The rain will quench the thirst of the ground, people and wildlife
Sprouting seedlings will emerge, 
the signs of life will return once more
to our home, long forsaken- but nevermore.

Dk Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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