Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unrequited Love

A proposition was made to me to change my journey 
A competition between my mind and heart, like a tourney 
It was time to find her somewhere down my dark road
I had strength, for all I needed was a map to decode
 I prayed to the most high, for this path was dark and cold
At the end of path was the light and soon the scold
As I took my first step in to the light of love with hesitation 
She stood there and in her eyes I could see the frustration 
Still her beauty could not be described by words 
I was even deaf to the beautiful sounds of the birds 
For my love for her was for all eternity 
Love, all I wanted was her company
I swear the light of love struck me like a lightening
I lay there with no hopes of her in sight of me 
Why me? Why me? As I crawl to beg for her forgiveness 
But Allah is the most forgiving for that I was a witness 
But why she denied my love was my question
Because I felt weak and hopeless near depression
An unloved man is in one whose eyes you can see the desperation 
The feeling that maybe I was condemned to eternal isolation 
They say the bad end with the bad would this be my reality?
To be ignorant is to be a fool it had to be my hypocrisy 
Was I supposed to give up on my one and only love? 
The choice was not mine, it was made from above
I knew the hate in my heart, the darkness in my soul, was the reason for her unrequited love. 

May Allah shine light on the ones with darkness in their souls.
(Amin Ya Rabi)

Abas Abraham
Copyright © 2011

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