Wednesday, February 1, 2012


He covers his mouth to stop from yelling and screaming
He turns his head left, and their lies his father, mother and baby sister’s bodies bleeding
Slaughtered in their beds, like cattle sleeping.
He must stay silent, and for a moment forget his grieving
For father would not be proud if he acted as a weakling
Finally their gone, he realizes they are leaving
So he goes to the window, quietly peeking
He sees them back in their trucks, and listens to their tires screeching
 Smoking guns in their arms, as they laugh while fleeting
He lashes out, angered, pleading and weeping
“Why, Oh Why Allah, please tell me the meaning
Why these enemies have taken my family this evening”
He wiped of his tears, and shook off his fears
And vowed, “I will avenge my family, even if it take 100 years”
They called it a breach of trust with fraudulent intent
“I knew he was strange, when I heard his accent”
But they never cared, they ignored his internal torment
They never gave him advice or cared for his discontent
 But now they regret, as they stand there and lament
How this orphaned man, went to such great extent
To inflict disaster on everything they represent
Survival rate is low, they say around 5 percent
Now they will feel the grief, he had underwent
The loved ones they killed and what they meant
The corpses are now all under one giant tent
All being identified by families, of his enemies’ descent
His bodies pulled out, disfigured and bent
Finally, to them now it all makes sense
 If only they would of observed all his signs and his warning
Maybe 200 Israelis would still be alive this morning.

Nasra Osman
Copyright © 2011

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