Sunday, April 22, 2012

Child Soldier

I was raised in state of war  
I serve none but a failed state  
Am hired gun with no allowance  
Angel of death everywhere  
People getting killed for no reason  

Changed by the environment  
Having no educated parents  
Schooled on how to survive 
Trying to avoid violence
Yet all I hear is the silence of the bullet

Looking around wondering why life is like this
Sides claiming everything
Persuading people to the extremes
Keeping the masses always at loggerheads 
I hold on to my belief trying to gain relief

Staring at the sky in a daring place
Looking for change in strange places
Hopeless people trying to arrange a way out
Acting heroic finding a way to manage things
Having a low range vision

Am neither a visionary nor evolutionary
I just want the best for the people
They see me as a kid
Hoping to please people
Is it wrong to believe in change ??? 

Yaya Ahmed
Copyright © 2012

1 comment:

  1. Hello, Yahya. I have to say that your poem is very touching. I am in Malta, where many sub-Saharan Africans land in order to seek refuge. Unfortunately the situation here is not very good for them; at work, most if not all are being exploited, whilst the local (Maltese) population does not want to create a concrete dialogue in order to bridge the cultural differences. I am planning to start a street newspaper in order to help many, especially the Somali, to get back some of their dignity and self-respect. With your permission, can I use this poem in the first edition? Nothing is still confirmed yet, I am still talking with publishing houses and seeking funds. Yet, your go ahead would be much appreciated.

    My email is