Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kony - Africom 2012

Joseph Kony? something smells phony
Close up on Jason Russell hugging a black kid feeling lonely
Close up on their tears zoom in on their fears
Queue the sad music and let them share their story
Travel back to the states bathing in their glory
Tell everybody to buy wrist bands and t­-shirts to show your support
Demand the US to act now and bring this man to court
Start a global man hunt, call it the KONY 2012 campaign
In the meantime ignore the Palestinian children still being slain  Ignore the 1.5 million in
Iraq that lost their loved ones, still feeling the pain
Ignore the 500.000 in Sudan massacred for a few nations financial gain
Ignore the 300.000 infants in Dadab starving to death crying in vain
But explain this, who gave the US the right to invade a sovereign state?
Who gave the US to decide a people’s fate Bring Kony to justice?
Sure but what about Mr Bush and Mr Blair Hand shaking , costume wearing war criminals signing secret affairs But their killing kids from afar so I guess that doesn’t count
The real reason for US sudden interest in Uganda ?
Oil in large amounts

Astonishing how a few Americans angrily accuse a warlord
Acting as if they actually care about abducted
African under aged children equipped with AK ‘s
A-list celebrities absorbed, take to twitter why don’t u ask them to point Uganda out on the
Atlas Amazingly the aggressor being assaulted is absent since 04 how inaccurate their assumption
Africa always depicted abroad as in infant in need of adult supervision alas neo –colonialism 

Frequently spreading falsehoods for their on facility
If foreigners so eagerly wanted to fight for their freedom
The fire has been flaming for twenty five years  in Uganda
Fuck the UN feeble fake peace flag  waving firing ‘’friendly’’ at a few 
US financing so called Libyan rebels caging blacks in fabricated zoo’s

Reactions rather rare regarding the ruthless eradication raging in Darfur
Rehearsed revolutions ridiculous rhetoric’s  respected hypocrites
Reforms enriching the rich ,rwandan residents still relive recent events
Rewriting history reaching for their recourses & restoring hope , really ? RIP

Invade the indigenous population investigate and instigate
Insist their incapable of being intelligent and self-sufficient
Instilling a sense of insecurity leading to inferiority never ending animosity
Israeli immigrants

Crucial part in killing Gaddafi for trying to create an African currency ending foreign dependency
Celebrating corrupt kings for their constant co-operation covering  up their crimes
Covert coup d’états  in Chile and Colombia carried  out by the CIA , claim they were communists
Congo conquered, christened  & crucified in the name of civilization quoting King Leopold 
Competing with China not caring nor concerned for the countless caught in the crossfire 

Orchestrating occult operations occupy on every occasion
Obama in the  oval office aiming for Africa’s Oil
Opium openly shipped overseas oppressing Afghanistan

Massacred many  merely marching for a meaning
Media manufactured manipulating the narrow minded
Missiles meant for Iran since the days of Mossadegh
Mosad  mass murdering in the Middle east
But maybe I’m mistaken mislead by Malcolm’s message..

Ismail Mohamed
Copyright © 2012

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  1. Amazing poetry brother keep it up and thanks for finally telling the truth and stopping these "World Peace makers"