Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rubbing salt on your wounds

Your eldest sons preserved your beauty and decorated your soil with their purest blood to keep you free A century later and your youngest have  sold you so cheap and wish to bring back the colonial  chains
Elders speak so fondly about your grace but they preach to deaf ears and closed hearts for ignorance is bliss 
Men have used lineage to start wars and keep peace at bay
Delude themselves that their power lies in divisions and superficial borders
Holding a gun to the head of his brother and with open arms welcoming the intruder
The outsider that wishes to carve you open and exploit your worth
Why is that your sons now value dirty dollars more than you?
These outsiders come to you with worn out ideas of how you should be ruled and give power of governance over you to fools
Empty heads in extravagant suits equate only to empty promises and ignorance in excess For the last 20 years you have worn the rags of war, they labelled you a failed state and said that  your problems were of your own making
Now they speak of intervention and aid because you dare question their policies on your soil and seas
I wonder is this a gesture of goodwill or another scramble for your precious resources?
I see now that terror resides on our terrain making peace a recluse and corrupting the innocence of youth.
They tell your young that mass murder will lead them to salvation
While the west uses this as an excuse for invasionAs long as I breath
I shall want no other for none compare to you dear mother 
O how I wish to sit upon your sandy beaches to let your sift breeze console this broken soul

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2012

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