Sunday, April 22, 2012


Black smokes covers those who are around me
look around me
and blood is what surrounds me
My ear wanders in search for cry
And to my surprise there was a pitch
that was high
a distinct sadden and hurt sound
that can only be a mothers cry
See it wasn't like we asked for this
it was a few hours ago when my mother was in a state of bliss
Then men rush in bullet flying hoping all of them
but one pierced my brother and one can see death's fatal kiss

Now my mother is weaken
As her son's killer stood there watching
My brother's soul flowing along side his blood that was oozing
All she was saying was Islamic chanting
 but it got quiet when the killer started speaking

She looked back and was caressed by tape
screaming and squirming as he continued to rape
I stand to be her savior of fate
but by the time i built the courage
it was too

 Abdirashid "Africa" Mohamed
Copyright © 2012

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