Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nation of Poet's 5th year anniversary!!

Yesterday was Somalia- The Nation of Poets 5th anniversary!! TNP evolved from a small facebook group with merely 20 people in 2007 to a fanpage with over 100 people in 2009 when it really started taking off. Alhamdulilah, today after 5 years we have over 7,000 people who enjoy this page and with over 140 poets who have trusted TNP with their innermost thoughts and feelings to share their work with Somalis and non-Somalis like through facebook, tumblr, blogspot, twitter and youtube. I thank you TNP poets for you are the flame that fuels and keeps this page going. I thank the people who appreciate the page ♥

Allah Ta'aal has definitely most gracious and kind in giving me the passion and ability to keep this page going. Alhamdulilah!

5th anniversary!♥ Just saying that feels incredible!

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