Tuesday, January 29, 2013

12 steps to the truth

There he is 
the dust crawling under the sleeves
annoying the naive skin! 
heavy steps laden with uncertainties
but surprisingly some water of faith left 
in the bottle !
Look at him!
drunk from the life twist
so weak ..on his knees
Like Clay she dances around him
throwing those neat punches !
but the pain aint getting him sober
the eyes and lips are captured by
that garnished  cocktail !
at that moment you wish
if it was just a bad dream
but hey it is life , 12 steps all the way !
no short cuts , no turning back , no sway 
inch by inch closer to that hole everyday 
so listen to the words from the bottle
Yes! sometime the tears will lose their way 
to heal the wound !
yes sometimes no soft hands to put your cheeks on!
but there is your hand so take the mask off !
see the truth with us  and put the shield on
coz you are born
a hero
a gladiator 
a human
in the bitter sweet journey!
and now
close ur eyes
take the final step 
wash up ur sins and pray !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

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