Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What if...

So many battle-scarred souls,
veterans in an urban war zone -
left with distinctive marks,
emphasising a distinctive character.

What have you found,
a slice of life?
I turned around,
looking back twice.
Did you turn me down,
I have seen you frown. 

Going by 'what if',
my ink turning stiff
losing its motion.
My situation
is turning different,
to the very end -

What if I let go
of my past, you know?
What if I rose to
the challenge and you?
What if, finally
you would try to be -

Have you tried to see
those things differently?
More than we can feel,
we all try to heal,
"a child left alone"
a place of my own -

Remains hard to find.
Life crunches and grinds
limit and heartless,
some feel to confess,
others still neglect,
a few do regret -

The present lived by,
consumed by, you try
to learn from my past.
Hate is all we cast
in tones of reason,
season by season -

Breathing through the night,
keeping hope in sight,
essentials of life.
Your prayers survive,
past expectations,
those separations -

Concerning your kind,
you are on my mind -
peace is hard to find
leaving like the tide
I keep holding on
- while, you keep it strong.

inspired by Firdaus Hassan

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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