Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Chapter

At long last the world has opened its doors to you once again 
The road has been long and tough, even your dearest condemned you to the darkest depths of failure 
We are your children and you have thought us that wounds heal no matter how deep 
Broken dreams can be mended no matter how many times they have shattered 
May yesterdays sorrow be a fast fading memory for todays rainbow awaits your radiant smile 
THat smile that has kept the world amazed, the world envying the strenght and resilience of your people 
Those who mocked you for decades with labels like "failed" surely knew that you would not be down for too long 
While you lay injured and unloved they took turns to steal slices of your worth Your children too took their share 
And far they did try and from you 
But who were they fooling, without you they could not survive their guilt became like an uncut umbilical cord dragging them back to their birth 
The new "homes" they made for themselves, decorated with fake smiles and borrowed "this is where we belongs" soon sang tunes to make them go home Now in their droves they return to you, repentant; having swallowed bitter pills of truth abroad 
Many may return unrecognisable, with foreign tongues and frightening customs Nevertheless they are your children, returning home, heart worn on sleeve Ready to rebuild and never again leave your side

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2013

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