Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Group poem 26: New Beginnings} "Arise" Farah Gabdon

what if i told you
that every ending
is only ever the start of a new beginning?
and every new beginning
an opportunity to see things
from a new perspective-
what if i said
that every perspective is relative?
and every relative an individual-
that every individual has a heart
and every heart is afraid?
what if i told you that fear
is an illusion?
and every illusion
is shattered in the light?
what if i said that the light
we're all looking for
isn't as bright as we'd like?
what if i said its hidden in the darkness?
what if what we'd like
isn't always what we need?
and what if what we needed
was to fall,what if every fall
was only ever meant
to teach us how to rise?
and what if i told you
everything was written,
every sun set and rise?
what if i told you even the sun fell?
and the moon?
and what if i said look,
just look,
look at the moon,
la luna never fails to rise,
however often she falls,
this is your time now,

Farah Gabdon
Copyright © 2013

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