Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 6 (Ramadan Poems): Saredo Hussein

Precious gifts of Ramadan

Last night was a tearful sight, as the beautiful moon was shining so bright

My brothers in Islam were the leading knights and my sisters on my rights

Spoken words,The Imam in recital,aw how vital and sacred it was

Aw how the ground has been shaken,

Aw how the sound of the prayer felt like a beautiful violin,

Aw how I felt it cleansing through my skin,The sins upon my wings couldn't no longer beheld in,

Aw there I stood in front of the finder with my case pleading in, Aw how Rak'ahs of Sunnat was floating in

Aw Allah you are the forbearing, Aw Allah you are the forgiving

I am the student, the slave in need of improving, and my heart bleeds as I am human and weak 
And so I shall rephrase my deeds often with fatigue nonexistent in my sleep

Allah the doer of good guide us through your solutions and restrain us from the bad laws

This I write to all the dwelling souls

Let us stand in unity, far away from the devils claw

As Ramadan stand in front of our doors

Lets pray to our lord and let the angels witness that we are slaves of Allah

The ones willingly kneeling towards the floor
Saredo Hussein
Copyright © 2012

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